Contributions to the Slavic mythology

Tomaž Črnej


Photo: DK


Tomaž Črnej in his yet unfinished photographic series, constantly expanded with new photos, deals with the status of the female figure, present in the narratives of the Slavic mythology, where female mythological characters are strongly present and important. Studio-shot female figures are presented in the manner of female acts from the middle of the previous century, and projected onto the tree canopies. The trees thus become the screen for the presentation of anonymous contemporary women who step into the roles of goddesses, fairies, nymphs and others. These mythological creatures used to be very popular in the past, while today they seem pretty forgotten. Their placement onto the tree canopies triggers additional allusions to the pagan heritage where plants had an important role as well. Author's intervention in this way highlights the female principle and the principle of nature and her mysteries.

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