Tilen Sepič


Photo: DK


Tilt is an art-piece from the cinemagraph series of animated GIFs in the Youhavetostartsomwhere web gallery. The artist uses endless video loops to highlight scenes from everyday life, isolated and taken out of context. This leaves the spectator the freedom to create their own associations and emotions that arise while watching the videos. The choice of everyday scenes does not try to convey a message or a suggestion directly, but instead attempts to create a meditative atmosphere where the spectator feels relaxed and unburdened, in contrast with the suggestively intensive visual input of different media in the urban environment. The artist makes use of the principle of endless animation in such a way that the spectator does not notice where it starts or ends, so that the dimension of time in the video becomes relative. This is why the story is nonlinear, what's important is the depiction of a moment. The scene can be seen in fractions of a second but can be observed for more than ten minutes, although it's been created from a several seconds long video.

Nelson Leão Webdesign