Tree heartbeat

Sabina Černič & Janez Grošelj



The Tree heartbeat project thematizes man's connection with nature, setting both in a common frame. The tree and man are thus considered as parts of a unified and connected system where many relations and interdependencies take place.The conc ept of this interactive project relies on the light elements on the tree, whose canopy is crisscrossed with many LED tapes. These tapes follow the shapes of individual branches and create an organic structure that resembles the vascular system in the human body. The LED tapes are programed using Arduino hardware to enable gradual transitions in light intensity in the canopy. The entering point of the system is a sensor, attached to the trunk, that measures human heartbeat. Visitors can thus lay their hands on the sensor which will make the lighted canopy pulsate in the rhythm of his or her heartbeat. The result is a new marker in the space whose light presence is conditioned by an active participation of the visitor.

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