Caleidoscope or Observation of the beauty of shapes

Students of the School of design and photography Ljubljana


Photo: DK


The light that emphasizes and transforms shapes, created in different ways and modeled after the examples in nature, is in this case the tool of postproduction. The ambient of Plečnik's Križanke will host a series of light effects, suggesting a reflection of stories from nature, created using a special kaleidoscope, photograms, overexposure, inside lighting and improvised overhead projector projection. The observation of the beauty of natural shapes that were captured, transformed and used to compose new stories by the students, is thus presented as a peculiar atmosphere created by light. New unusual transitional compositions are generated through the improvisation in mixing projection images in situ: they are refracted through a kaleidoscopic mirroring and multiplied into some new micro- and macrocosmi. If Kosovel was wondering if the grass was green, we're asking if the frog is green as well and what's with the bear.

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