Metamorphosis of the Botanical garden

Students of the Faculty of architecture


Photo: DK


The students of architecture were divided in three smaller groups, and each group picked a location in the park to situate there their spatial installations. These three projects deal on a formal level with the specific realities of the chosen micro locations, and on the substantive level with the processes that happen in nature and with their meaning for the modern man. Thus the first group attempted a thematization of cyclical transformation of energy, in nature seen mostly as growth and metamorphosis of organic shapes. The symbolic integration of the beginning and of the end was executed using the designer elements like the density of form, composition and light intensity. The second group focused on a wall in the garden, and deliberated about the dynamics of relations between the built and the natural, between culture and nature. The element of wall and it dematerialization is employed to question the human impact on nature, especially the ways to minimize it. The third group is addressing a complex issue of innumerable relations and interactions in nature: they use a language of symbols to indicate the discourse of inscrutability of nature and encourage the spectator to think about his or her relations towards the nature and its functioning.

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